We believe that your investments should positively impact the world. That's why via our hand-picked ETFs you only invest in companies that have passed selected Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (in short, ESG) criteria. They specifically include companies with enhanced environmental characteristics and have additional controls in place for companies operating in the energy sector.

You will not invest in companies in controversial spaces like weapons, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, adult entertainment, nuclear power, and genetically modified organisms. This way, we ensure that your investments are tied to your values.

We understand that this might seem like it’s not enough. And that you might be surprised that some of the ETFs in your investment plan invest in companies which do not seem sustainable at first sight. What is important to know is that many firms are still in a transition phase, adapting to the new demands of socially responsible investors. Moreover: larger companies in particular can have a significant positive impact when it comes to this transition – simply because of their size. By showing them what we as investors care about, we can set the direction for the financial markets of the future.

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