All of our investment plans are made up of a hand-picked mix of stock and bond ETFs.

We have selected multiple different stock ETFs to cover a broad set of countries and regions in the world, with a slight focus towards Europe. Here, we started by comparing the best-performing socially responsible investing (SRI) stock ETFs in the U.S., Europe, Pacific, and emerging markets. We then chose the most cost-effective options for you. We usually achieve this by using the largest and most reputable ETF fund providers (such as iShares, UBS, and Deutsche Bank's XTrackers).

Regarding the bond ETFs included in the investment plans, we invest 70% in corporate bonds (55% of which are U.S.-based and 45% Europe-based), following the regional distributions of the Bloomberg Global Aggregate Corporate Bond Index. The remaining 30% goes into global inflation-linked government bonds to protect your money from the recent surge in inflation.

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