You will be charged a 0.6% annual service fee which is used for selecting ETFs and structuring the investment plans, continuous monitoring and adjustments of your plan, and tax handling.

Fees and costs of the ETFs you invest in will be deducted directly once they are purchased. You can find these costs in the detailed view of each ETF under “Your mix”. On average, the ETFs in our investment plans have yearly costs of 0.2%.

Your costs in detail

You will receive an invoice once a month that states the exact amount of the 0.6% annual service fee for that month. The basis for the calculation is the daily value of your investment account. The payment is automatically handled, so you don't need to do anything.

We cover this fee by deducting the amount from the cash in your investment account. We will use your incoming contributions (monthly or one-time) before those are invested, dividend distributions before they are reinvested, and complete or partial withdrawals before those are paid out to you. We will never sell your investments to cover this fee.

There are no additional costs for our various learning content such as the video courses or the possibility to chat with our financial experts.

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